Bulldogs on the Block

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What is Bulldogs on the Block?

You may be miles away from UMD, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone! Celebrate and connect with other alumni in your area at our signature Bulldogs on the Block nationwide social event. From after-work drinks to restaurant meals, barbecues on the beach to picnics in the park, get-togethers come in all shapes and sizes. Bulldogs around the country will get together all on the same day – Wednesday, November 2 – to meet one another in their home cities. All Bulldogs on the Block events are hosted by alumni volunteers, and all guests are responsible for purchasing their own food and drinks.

How do I become a BOTB host?

The volunteer host is the point of contact for coordinating the get-together. The host chooses a place and shows up. In the past, alumni hosted events in 22 different cities around the country, from New York to Southern California to Hibbing, MN. Restaurants, breweries, and pubs were all popular meeting spots. Alumni Relations staff invite Bulldogs from your area to your location. If you need help choosing a location, let us know! Co-hosting is encouraged; we can help connect you to other potential alumni hosts in your area if you would like to co-host. The deadline to register to be a host is Monday, October 17.


STEP 1: Register here to host 

STEP 2: Choose a location

STEP 3: Alumni Relations staff invite other Bulldogs in your area to your get-together

STEP 4: Host receives Bulldog spirit box with event supplies and a guest sign-in sheet

STEP 5: Party time! Enjoy connecting with other Bulldogs in your area

STEP 6: Use #bulldogsontheblock22 to post photos and videos of your party

Questions? Contact Alumni Relations at 218-726-7748 or email [email protected].

Current Host Cities

Check back here to view the current host cities for 2022!