Student Association Virtual Meet-and-Greet

You’re invited to a virtual meet-and-greet on April 28th from 7:00-8:00pm (CT) with current and former members of UMD Student Association. Bring a beverage or grab a snack, and come chat via Zoom with students currently serving in SA roles and alumni you partnered with on policy work years ago. You'll get to hear updates on the work of this year’s congress as well as recent SA accomplishments. Finally, we will have plenty of time for people to introduce themselves and catch up.


April 28th | 7:00-8:00pm (CT)

Key details:

  • The virtual meet-and-greet is a casual event for alumni and students to reconnect and get to know one another.
  • Join via Zoom for a brief presentation and open discussion with other guests.
  • RSVP now for the event on Wednesday, April 28th at 7pm (CT).

The following staff and SA members will be in attendance to join in discussion with alumni:

  • Delaner Anderson, Vice President (2019-2020)
  • Neal Bhakta, Student Body President
  • Annie Counihan, President-elect
  • Jason Coyle, Representative-at-large
  • Daksha Gummadi, LSBE Senator, Vice President-Elect
  • Hannah Holmberg, CLA Senator
  • Alex Moe, Speaker of Congress
  • Emma Neidviecky, Rules & Elections Director
  • Dannah Nephew, SCSE Senator
  • Nam Nguyen, Representative-at-large
  • Gabbie Raymond, Director of Sustainability
  • Eli Sailer-Haugland, Representative-at-large
  • Parker Schultz, Chief Academic Affairs Officer
  • Corbin Smyth, UMDSA Advisor
  • Riley Tuft, Chief Student Life Officer
  • Michael Waldorf, LSBE Senator
  • Jonathon Wolenec, Chief Financial Officer

Questions? Contact Alumni Relations staff at [email protected].